Oil on Cotton Canvas. 92,12" x 131.88". 23,4 x 33,5 cm. Florence, It'06. In progress.

In Indeeding DiVine... Allegory on The Completion of Awareness. A metaphor of Growth, Understanding and Creation, in tune with Nature, The Universe, and it's Wisdom.

The Italian Flower of Lis, as metaphor and focus of growth. The Oriental Symbol of King, as the ability of successful communication with any cognitive level. Wisdom and it's Quality, represented through gold, Black, as Seriousness of attitude towards one's Meaning and Behaving, listening the inward towards outward our universe, where richness goes. Red and Rich Gold Green as Passion and Naturality of it's very Inner Force. Eyes' mesmerizing focus, giving focus, our mental focus. Richness of being and meaning. Absoluteness of Understanding and Giving. Evolutive concern.


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