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by Irene Alexandra


Music, is the ARt & SCience, of MetaCognitive Stimulli. Irene Alexandra

Genesis is an album of inspiring and stimulating instrumental kind of music, created specifically to lead to imaginative and abstracted states, reinforcing creativity and intelligence through the many combinations of visual cognitive ideas transported into music.

Genesis is an independent recording. Ideated, written, produced, conducted, recorded and funded entirely by the Author and Inventor Irene Alexandra.

You can buy it directly from iTunes & Amazon. Or, directly from us through paypal, and we will send you a compressed file of the album by email.

HEAR the sample:

08 - Orsea.mp3

09 - Introspectio.mp3

10 - Abstraction Finale.mp3


șoOoș NEW MUSICAL ALBUM § eVolution șoOoș


Be the Focus, on an Active MetaCognitive Stimulation. Irene Alexandra

The Music has an effective power to comunicate and stimulate our many  dimensions. This is a Positive Uplifting, Inspiring Active song, and album, that will increase your focus,

We are able to sugest mental states, moods, even thoughts and their directions through our personal associations. As strong as a great and efficient speech, music relates and lead us through a more holistic and perceptive way, as with words.

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