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Movie Making, or Human Interactive Talk at it's today's largest scale... IA

Live Action Features & Music Videos

Own Features & Shorts

The Author & Inventor has Contributed to More than 11 Features & Music Videos, From Acting, to Prop Design, StoryBoarding, Costume Design, Creative Direction, and even Extra. Enjoy this video of the group while we bring the video we did.

The Downtown Fiction. MTV. Watchout the singer. Great Artist. Cameron Leahy.

The Frog Prince. Live Action Documentary Short. Dir. J.Park. BK'06. Actress, Lead Roles.

When Harry tries to Marry. Feature Film, romantic comedy, NYC'09, Actress. In theatres Sept'10



URA. "water" in Basque. Allegorical Sci-Fi Short. Traditional Animation, Live Action & Stop Motion. NYC'07. ScreenWriting, Concept Art, Character Design, Direction, Creative Direction, StoryBoard, Production, Animation, Sculpting & Videography. Producing.

StoryBoard Samples

BG Dead Rising MovieSB MP

ForTheBirds SB ExerciseForTheBirds SB Exercise URAHenry SB


DSEEK. Sci-Fi Allegorical & Mythological Short. Concept Art, Character Design, ScreenWriting, StoryBoard, Direction, Creative Direction. Producting.

Ink SB



The Emperors New Art. A story of Art, a story of Wisdom, a story you need to see to Understand. 2D & Computer Animation. 2 min. NYC'05 {El Nuevo Arte del Emperador}

Light. SciFi Live Action Feature . Writer. Producing.

LIVE. Traditional Animation. Metaphoric Short for Life's Rights. Writer, Director, Producer, Character Designer, StoryBoard Artist, Background Artist, Traditional Animator, VideoGrapher. Live Test for the Short Film, UNESCO NYC'03.

SB Expression Right

SHIDDARS. SciFi Live Action Feature. Writing. Producing.

Arguia, Light in Basque. SciFi Live Action Feature. Allegorical Feature. Writer. Producing.



YdhysWorld. Sci-Fi Live Action & Animation Feature. Writing, Concept Art. Inquire for the Pitch. Producing.

The Mount  Athos

The Mount Athos. SciFi Animated Feature. Writer. Concept Artist, Character Design. Producing.



YDHY. Sci-Fi. Traditional Animation. 6 min. NYC'07



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