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Having a baby can be a pleasurable moment as well for the mother, with a bit of awareness and preparation. Apart, we can provide our babies of water biths, which is a similar medium to the mother's.

A baby is a special unique mind, of Extra ordinary Essential Complete Capacities, and it's Infinite Inventiveness, that belongs More to the Origins, than to any other given time, but the past future again and Always. It's vital energy, is aware of our energy, and it is important to be aware of providing of the best environment possible, as well as materials in contact with teh babies, and around them.

It is important for the following generations' health, maintainning the The Core Seed as intact as possible, minding staying away from genetically engineered foods. It is as well important considering the Core Bood type and it's specialties and sensibility, as well as it's mutative genesis or mutagenesis. Even for the Eternal Preservation of all the species, it is precautious and necessary, if not preferable for Completion, the Preservation of the Core Specie or Universal Root, Core Creator or Mother Earth, The Source Radius of all the other species or Golden Mean, of Complete Active status, who Sources always from the Highest Core, guiding all dimensions. We shall consider the best core education possible to our children, in order to grow the most aware possible, and advance in awareness beyond the edge of the known.

The positionnings, fear and dragin over the eras, have rarified even more the core traits, due as well to its own nature and infinitely silent ways, yet they do have their core space, specially in evolution. It is important as well to consider the existence of close peers. Nature's way of preserving and resonating with it's Nature and 'mutability' and it's awareness 'variability', always in it's own Completion.

It is also important, the existence of the other significant mind. For which we would like to raise the world's awareness at least in some perimeter of it's being. Exeptional Minds, gathered for the closure of their true core self giftedness, of High Education and Awaring Wisdom, and or Exemplarizing Core Values and Accurate Infinitude, with it's own Wisdom, Awareness, Knowledge and story, ground of the probabilistically most Complete and Propper Perspective of the Minds of The Core. The idea is to lead and inspire the worldly lair of a lovely Healthy family and friendships, with which to foster and grow in selfexample, such Certainly Special Unique Minds, {However the traits might be given or not, and or at what level, dimension, focus and or times}, that constantly innovate and lead across the eras, in it's 'representative' roll, and it's Exemplary Infinite Value.

Some Special Minds have are found along the way, here and there, yet for one reason or another in this world, it's notalways possible, to be or remain. Soit is valuable to inculcate in our cultures, the initiative of starting one's family, without the neccesary presence of the father, something certainly not to discard, and in fact something to look forward to, If mutually desired, yet it is a matter to let to our Complete Healthy Wellbeing and Ceaseless Longevity. So if she would choose to, it is important for the mother {to be}, to have time of 'matter' with a father, or the father figure, independently of it's nature, to convey and transfer the strength and values of our stories, to all the children.

The Children's Mind's and Extensions

Realize, that while for the world it might seem as Magic, to walk beyond the generally known, for the aware core children, it is Pure Science {The Pure Science of The Core}. And parents need to be ready, and foster such environments.

The forms of expression of Core, patent in many ways, awareness on it's guidance is most helpful. The levels of energy and levels of it, are relative in time, yet it is not a necessity, for they are relative to Core, When it is Absolute.

Their special and unique capacities, might be given or not, at any chosen or needed time and or dimension or form, wether visible or invisible or even thinkable by the given human status, and quo. It belongs entirely to the child specially, and the parents influence and guidance. For every guidance that is given to the children, they develop and undevelop in other ways. Their Levels of energy, are important, it whens. For the wellbeing of the parents and children, as well as family, it is important NOT to Expect specific traits to be given, yet to guide openly. And in It's Complete forms of expression, and or in all quantities, and or qualities.

Most might be certainly unaware and even aware of the Culture, and it's Origins, and thus it's value and what it contains for the awaken eyes, thus missing core with all it's might and infinite technologies. It is for that reason, that it is important that the parents be the most awaken possible. So that her children be completely aware of it all through the core languages, and it's value, and it's basic collaterals of comparison for most perspective, profoundity and absoluteness and thus, it's most complete potentiality, completely aware of all the reasons of it's conservation, and resultant effectiveness. On Absolute Accuracy and Complete Awareness, there is no 360* Degreess direction not completely analyzed and completed, specially by the primal inquisitiveness of the early stages of construction, thus it's complete Awareness, and infinite directions in technologies selected later, together with ROOT. It is important for the parents, to be ready for such inquisitive young minds, the younger, the most inquisitive, for the most completely aware structures build from the very beginning. What's the Level of Complete Awareness we wish for our children's Hats? Thus the importance on our responses.

Female children tend to be more quiet and attentive, while male children tend to be embebbed of their movement in the space. It is important to consider such differences according to teh role they choose, independently of the primal nature. Nature is always evolving in it's own way. How we evolve, is a matter of our own selection.






Depending on our attention and focus, we develop in it's own unique way. It is important to be aware that their focus is potentially wider than that of our own, evolved in their own way, and it is important that we take care of the environment around them, for their wellbeing. From the outlets, wires and corners, to the most simple elements. Be environment conscious, from toxines in the inorganic food, to the metals and plastics in the water.

It's important to remember that the child has a core awareness that is meant to go beyond, and that their own inventive projects will iniciate as soon as they ovserve and learn, can write and draw, On the shapping of the mind and the flow of their resistance, is the basis of evolution. It is importantm a Completely Healthy approach to the highly sensible children and how it manifests physically. The evolution of their own course of mind and it's ripples, is in formation. Core radicates.

How we speak to our children, even in our tones and gestures, speaks volumes. Always select a healthy approach. All forms of energy, eel and ripple.



It is important that our children, bear and are aware of the importance of a Healthy Organic DIET. Plenty of Fruits, Juices, Vegetables, Nuts and seeds. It's no reason why a healthy diet should be any boring. Have plenty of healthy made treats for their palate. Nuts make for healthy dairy, while honey makes for healthy sugar, as well as fruit juices. We would want then to be aware of how does it feel a clogged system, versus a clean healthy one, full of energy, and with mental clarity and awareness, free of metals, Metals, Children have the hipersensibility of coming with a healthy clean system, so they will notice the most reactions, it is important to be aware and keep it as healthy as possible. Metals in our cavities disrupt the energy flow and the clarity of our minds. We might select to endoculturate them into it, and brushing their teeth always and as soon as possible, as well as being free of any metals and plastics.