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Whatever your condition, a serious help, Note that we have successfuly experimented with every product. Different sizes and prizes, "available" to all pockets, except some Elixirs, due to their production cost. To secure maximum results, drink daily, and as much and as soon as possible. This are samples of the preparations in our consultations, specifically crafted for your every condition or optimal energy levels requested.

Helping Conditions Ellixirs. We make them for every specific condition. Inquire us. Containers design, as available.
We deliver specific herbs. Inquire us.

Detox from metals and pesticides with this elixir. Ideal for fastings and cleanses to the core. Inquire us. Containers design, as available.
Detox hard with this elixir. Perfect for ending with bacteria and viral conditions. Contains edible little pieces. Eat and drink as much as possible, as many times as possible. Inquire us. Containers design, as available.


Beauty Peeling Mask Elixir: Facial Peeling, made with Organic, Natural, non Toxic produce. Contains Ananas. It's so healthy you can eat it.

Do not apply in sensitive areas of the skin, such as nostril sides, eyes, or mouth's sides. Produces a light peeling that causes a redness and stimulation of the skin's cells, with a progreesive peeling and betterment of the skin's conditions. The redness dissapears the next day. Recommended as night treatment. Odorless also available, although less effective. Containers design, as available. Inquire us.

He are also bringing our own drink juice Mind Tonic Elixir, Orcanic Raw Natural Ice Creams and Mind Tonic Troufles! A Boost of Antioxidants, Electrolites and Energy. even our own playful juicer to arm and disarm, all very health conscious with the planet. stay tunned.

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