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I have read extensively on nutrition ever since very young, and I have found this ebook to be most helpful and awaken for people. Rational Fasting, by Arnold Ehret. It is clearly and directly written, it is free. You can download it by clicking here

Absolute Efficiency: Core Health, Intelligence & Success

41 Pages of fire, summing all the subjects beyond the commonly aware edges. Available as ebook for now. Send us a $/E 26 Paypal to: sirenesworld at gmail dot com and we will send the ebook to you, in one to two days. Please specify if you prefer the english version or the spanish version.

NoWhere Book by Irene Alexandra

Wouldn't you Love to have a version of the Mind of the Author and Inventor's Wisdom, that you could listen to anywhere in the world? The wellformed mind, uneasily stops flowing. Would you like to think like great core minds do? here is the string of quotes that will give you the strings for such mind and flowing.

NoWhere. First Book, 182 pags. Unique Rare First Edition of 100, with quotes from the Author & Inventor. 33 €

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