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BOOKS.. or InSightful current
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NoWHere Book by Irene Alexandra

NoWhere. Would you like to think like grear minds do? here is the string of quotes that will give you the strings for such mind and flowing.

First Unique Rare Book edited since 13, 182 pags. Edition of 100. With quotes from the Author & Inventor.

 Imagination is the map of the infinite and impossible... IA


Absolute Efficiency: Core Health, Intelligence, Success, and it's secrets. 66 Pages of fire, with all the wisdom you need to be Healthy and sucessful Available as ebook for now. Send us a $/E 26 Paypal to: sirenesworld at gmail dot com and we will send the ebook to you, in one to two days. Please specify if you prefer the english version or the spanish version.



Ura. Allegory on Evolution. Sci-Fi. Real Life, Stop-Motion, 3D & 2D Animation. 3-6 min. NYC'06


NoWhere II

NowHere II  Aphorisms & Epigrams by Irene Alexandra. The wellformed mind, uneasily stops flowing. First quality edition with a selection of the best quotes. Would you like to think like grear minds do? here is the string of quotes that will give you the strings for such mind and flowing.

In PostProduction, Editting.

 Honesty is how close we are to our inner string. IA

 The line we walk alone is the light to the world's future. IA

Unimaginarium, by Irene Alexandra

Unimaginarium § The Magic of Creation, with Universal Ilimitation. Art & Inventions Portfolio. In PostProduction, Editing.


The Emperors New Art

The Emperors New Art
. A story of Art, a story of Wisdom, a story you need to see to Understand. 2D & Computer Animation. 2 min. NYC'05
{El Nuevo Arte del Emperador}


System of Solars

Light § On The Guardians of the Manuscript for the Future. SciFi Novel with many Inventions from the Author. Would you like to read the future? {Have the Power to } Create it. In Production.


See Inside

KRITIK. Conceptual Witty Imaginery through Illustrated Words, or wholistic meaning through visual means. Made while attenting schooling.


YDHY. Sci-Fi. Traditional Animation. 6 min. NYC'07


SHIDDARS. SciFi Live Action Feature. In PreProduction. II Part to System of Solars.




DSEEK. SciFy Short. Traditional Animation on the Path.

GHost Arguia

Arguia. SciFi. 120 min. In Production.



The Mount  Athos

MOUNT ATHOS. SciFi. Traditional Animation. 90 min.
In Preproduction





YshysWorld. Sci-Fi Feature. Traditional Animation. 90 min. In Preproduction.


SB Expression Right

LIVE. Traditional Animation. Metaphoric Short for Life's Rights. Writer, Director, Producer, Character Designer, StoryBoard Artist, Background Artist, Traditional Animator, VideoGrapher. Live Test for the Short Film, UNESCO, NYC'03.

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